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Join the Fight Against Domestic Abuse

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a surmountable surge in Domestic Violence Cases. With the continued uncertainty of financial challenges, loss of income, evictions, and the loss of family and friends, another pandemic continues which is domestic violence. Across America, there are horror stories of murder, madness, and mayhem involving members of our society. When staying at home orders were put in place, Schools closed, people were laid off, it caused utter chaos and everyone within the confines of the home felt the consequences. The (IPV) Intimate Partner Violence has lasting effects on everyone. From the toddler to the teen, their lives are changed dramatically when they witness the battering of a loved one.

Arise Counseling Center is an accredited certified center where people can call and get the help they need before anyone must stand before a judge. We offer preventive services that can bolster and bring change that will shift the action of a troubled soul. No, we may not have all the answers, but we have steps to a beginning that can save lives before it is too late. Friend, one wound can last a lifetime. One blow can end a life. Our motto is to encourage the hurting to rise above deep-seated issues that can boil over and bringing destruction if not addressed. If you have been in pain and it seems as if there is no one available to listen, we are here for you. ARISE IS Action Releasing Inner Strength Every day. This can be you, just make the call. 

Fighting Against Domestic Violence.

Help with the fight against substances abuse, anger, and domestic violence. Helping save families, and lives one day at a time.

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